The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

Eternal Night.

Even the majestic sunrise
Can’t undo this natural demise.

Our neighbors used to walk on the street
Going house to house to gleefully greet.
But now, I can’t even say “Good Morning”
To those I love most.

Although the streets outside remain untouched,
The lives of humanity are forever fazed.

The green, leafy bushes still dance back and forth,
But instead of saying “hi”,
They seem to be waving goodbye.

The birds still chirp,
But every day,
The chirps get softer.

So now, your question might be, how can I  sit here unfazed
While the lives of many are perturbed?
My answer is hope.

I hope that one day, a star shines bright enough
To cast away this maleficence.

I hope the bushes one day
Wave “hi” instead of goodbye.

I hope that one day,
I can venture past this dismay
Saying “Good Morning” like it was yesterday.

Ravi Tej Guntuku

Ravi Tej Guntuku

My name is Ravi Tej Guntuku, and I am currently an 8th Grader at Bee Cave Middle School. My favorite subject in school is Math. Solving for x and y and finding the relationships between geometrical figures jump-starts my brain. Apart from school, my other hobbies include writing, playing tennis, and programming. That's all for me.

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